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Recycling Program

LifeStraw® Steel Recycling Program 

Recycle your LifeStraw® Steel and get a 20% discount on your next LifeStraw® purchase  







As an alternative to the use of plastic bottles, LifeStraw® Steel is an important tool in the fight against the global water crisis and progress towards a more sustainable globe.

But accordingly, we are also very focused on what becomes of LifeStraw steel when it is used and needs to be replaced.

Therefore we have initiated a comprehensive recycling program, which will ensure that more than 90% of the materials that are used creating a LifeStraw® Steel are recycled.

WaterNlife collect all the used LifeStraw® Steel and hand them over to a local recycler who is in charge of the actual recycling. Our recycling partner is ISO 14001 certified.







Step 1: Pack & Ship your LifeStraw® Steel to this address. Make sure your sender name and address is written clearly on the outside of the package.

Gramrodevej 13,
7130 Juelsminde
Att: LifeStraw Steel Recycling Program


Step 2: Send us an email on: where you confirm that the package is on its way.


Step 3: We acknowledge your support with a 20% discount code* for your next
LifeStraw® purchase on our webshop.







Q: Can anyone have their LifeStraw® Steel recycled?

A: At the moment we can only offer this program to persons who reside in Europe. If you reside elsewhere, we suggest you contact your local recycling center.

Q: Is it a requirement that I bought my LifeStraw® Steel from your webshop?

A: No. It doesn't matter where you bought your LifeStraw® Steel.

LifeStraw steel recycling

*The discount is always based on the RRP on The discount will not be deducted from any special offers
**WaterNlife obtains the right to change or modify the recycling program at any time